A Changing Perspective

Throughout our fifteen years of marriage we have moved across the country and back again twice. Sometimes with very little notice and sometimes with plenty of time to pack and plan. We haven’t, until now, taken on such a huge relocation. In comparison, moving across the country is easy and uncomplicated than picking up stakes and going out of country. During the first days of Italian contemplation I read many a blog and article regarding how to and what to move. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to ship my Porsche, because it only lives in my imagination.  We will be taking very little in comparison. Though we did promise the boys a few luxuries like their gaming system.

Sometimes late at night my mind is trying to work out all the things that need to be done in the next four months. My body generally wants my mind to shut up and go to sleep. So I go through my house, in my head, and all its stuff and mentally make notes on what to sell, give, take, store, etc. During the daylight hours I’ve started to go through boxes and bins to toss things I really don’t need to hang on to. It feels like I lose weight daily as I purge things.

Since we’ve moved further and more often than your average Americans we travel fairly light. When you decide to pick up and leave the country your perspective totally changes. Those clothes and shoes you’ve hung on to just because you might wear them become additions to the give-to-Goodwill pile. You decide what things you’re truly willing to store and what you’re willing to sell. For us most everything can go. The treadmill, the bookcases, the massage chair, and the random things collected that won’t be utilized in Europe. There are some items I refuse to part with and those are books (we have quite a few), childhood paraphernalia from the two kids, some Christmas ornaments, and some kitchen things (especially my Fiestaware). The majority of my things can go because selling them allows us to go to Italy. And it’s just stuff and I hear that you can buy sheets, towels, plates, silverware and even new clothes in Italy. It’s not like we’re moving to the back country of Uganda or some other third world country. It’s Italy, and this is the beginning of my perspective changing.

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