A Few of My Favorite Things

We’ve got about eighteen weeks and counting. Every week I try and make some kind of progress. My list of things to do is somewhat different than the overall list that Kurt and I written down in a notebook (yep, old school). My goals for the month of February are sell massage chair (check), sell treadmill (working on it, moving from bedroom to living room was this past weekend’s goal), organize and sell elementary homeschool curricula (sorta check). So over the course of the week I located, posted, these items. Still working on getting them sold but we’re making progress.

As I go through my home with a fine toothed comb I get to evaluate all my possessions. Do I want to take this to Italy? Do I want to store it? Can I sell it? Is it worth anything? And my most favorite thought is, why in the world did I keep this for so many years and drag it across the country etcetera, etcetera, etcetera?

I’m practically an expert mover of my life. I can move my household across the United States without any emotional upheaval. I’ve moved from house to house, town to town, and state to state. No problem. For the most part we live fairly light after fifteen years of marriage, two kids, three states, and almost  a dozen households. But this time it’s different . I have to really lighten the load and be diligent about things.


What are my favorite things?

1. Family

I’m taking my favorites (husband and boys) with me but I also have albums of pictures, framed pictures and art as well as videos of family, friends, and of a lifetime that will be stored away. Being the digital age, I can bring someone it with me but there is a fair amount of stuff that’ll be stored either at grandma’s or with our other precious things in a container for the long-term.

The one thing I discovered is I have a lot of frames. Big ones. Small ones. Most for photos. Some for art. And I don’t need to take them with me. I’m fairly certain I can get new frames in Italy.

2. Books

We are a family of readers. We have lots of books. We also love a good library but that’s a different story. We have so many books that we don’t actually have enough bookshelves for all the books. So our favorites are out and the rest are in boxes that get shuffled through now and again. Some of these books we’ll sell; old homeschool stuff and various other manuals that aren’t being used. Most will be stored in long-term storage. And a precious few will make the journey with us. Books are heavy as I’ve noticed through the years of moving back and forth.

3. Heirlooms

This is a small but necessary category. I have an antique dresser, bed frame, and a clock that will be kept but not taken. I could not bear it if these things were lost or broken. There are some homemade quilts that my mom made for me as a child and as an adult and for my children. These are some the precious things that need to be saved because of the memories of family.

4. Linens and Things

There’s a lot I’m willing to part with including my iron and old towels. There are things, my nice things, that I’ll be keeping in storage. Being in a house full of boys and moving a lot I haven’t collected a whole lot of nice things. For some reason stuff gets broken and you learn that it’s just stuff. Even if your first reaction is hysterical and over the top. After all, it’s just a sugar bowl. My nicer linens and my nicer dishes will be kept. But most everything else falls under “We’re going to Italy, let’s sell it”.

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