Happy Birthday Bubba

So a week or so ago it was National Bubba Day. Did you know we have every day of the calendar covered with some kind celebration? I find this to be very strange but rather American. That being said,  Bubba Day is kind of fun. Celebrate Bubba.
Today, though, is my youngest’s 15th birthday. Therefore, he knows EVERYTHING. According to my dad, at 15 it is generally acknowledged that you know everything. Have an answer for everything. And your parents know nothing. That is the current pickle that we are in.
When I told my dad this , he said, “He’s right on schedule”. Yep, he is. He’s discovering his own voice and his own mind and his own independence. This is a wonderful yet painful experience for his mother specifically. Just like birth. Wonderful and painful all at once.
These are all things that need to happen. As a parent I shake my head and wait until the other side of it. When he’s less argumentative and thinks once again his parents are college educated, reasonable human beings. About 3 to 5 years. Maybe.

So, on  this day in  2001,  we had spent the morning at swim lessons with Nick then we went to Chipotle for lunch. (I keep telling him this is why he loves spicy food.)  Being extraordinarily pregnant I could not eat much but I ate. Some time in the afternoon or so contractions began. We walked, we waited. And we waited and we counted. Things got more serious. Then we went to the hospital about 6 in the evening. And we waited and we waited. At 1102 at night, he arrived. Superman-ed his way into this world and has been a superhero ever since. Perfect round head. That little bubba has grown. He still has a nice round head.

Here’s some pics of my bubba

20151011_154607 20150514_114551-1 DCP01183 DSC_5972

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