About Us

Once upon a time a girl met a boy in a dead end job. Both had graduated college with bachelor’s degrees. Both had interests in science (her environmental science, him zoology). Neither thought they’d meet ‘the one’ at a customer service job.


The thing that made him memorable was his tall athlethic build, his soft spoken nature, and his interest in science. She was memorable mostly because she was the only female in a group of twenty six trainees.

Life happened. Literally. After a few months of dating we discovered we were pregnant. A few months after our son was born, we got married. Seemingly we approached this normal life a little backwards.


Life continued. Another son was born. Kurt’s job moved us across the country to Virginia. Then we moved back again to Colorado and went through some trials. After several years Kurt’s job moved us across the country again to North Carolina. And after two years we moved back to Colorado. Jobs changed and at the time it seemed for the worse. Downsizing sucks.


Then again maybe it was all a good thing. When the opportunity to leave the country to start an adventure we had nothing holding us back. Our boys are teens and we have a little bit of time to show them the bigger picture. The great wide world.

So we’re getting out of dodge and chasing Italy.

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