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The Camisano Market

One of my favorite memories of my 3 years of childhood in Italy (1983 – 1986), is the famous Sunday market in Camisano, where we lived.  I remember the great foods and clothing for sale and all the people.  One of my biggest memories of the market are the food carts selling bratwurst. Being that bratwurst is a German food, I was surprised how incredible it was.

Camisano farmers market

The Camisano market with definitely be one of the first places I want to visit when we get to Italy.

Do you have any favorite places in Italy? Off the beaten path? Write us in the comments. Give us your opinion. Thanks for reading.

Why Italy

So why have we made this crazy decision to leave our lives here in beautiful Colorado to move to Italy?  To answer that we need to go back 30 years.

In 1983, as an eight-year old boy, my family followed my father to Italy.  The U.S. Army stationed him at the army post in Vicenza, Italy.  He preceded us by a couple months to get living arrangements squared away before my mother, brother, sister and I made the move.  When we got there, we learned that he made the major decision to rent a house in the Italian economy, instead of moving into the neighborhood with all the American military families.  We were to live among the Italians in a small, lovely town just outside of Vicenza, named Camisano.

Vicenza is located in the Veneto region between Verona and Venice, and is just a short train ride from each. While living there I got to see some pretty amazing sites.

Ever since we moved back to the states in 1986, I have looked back on that time with wonder and an unshakable desire to go back some day. My wife has shared this vision with me for as long as we have been married (our 15 year anniversary is tomorrow!). 12 years ago, I remember driving around the Virginia countryside with our 2 boys in the backseat, constantly listening to a Family Circus cassette tape with children’s songs to help learn Italian. I still have many of the lyrics stuck in my head.

Now we have an opportunity to try to make this dream a reality. Our vision is to get training in Italy to teach English and then find employment. We would like to travel around to see the sites and experience the culture and share everything here on this blog.


One Small Step

One small step for man….

Today we made our first concrete steps (beyond just talking and planning) towards our move abroad to Italy.  So it was a milestone day in that respect.  First, we contacted a couple of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) schools in Milan.  We also got our passport photos taken and filled out the passport renewal forms.  They are small steps, but it feels good to make some tangible progress.


Flag Art From Our Son

Excited about our plans, our son made this.