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Paralelní Polis, a Bitcoin Kavárna

Hubby doesn’t often ask to go check out a place so when he does, we go. The latest place he wanted to try was Paralelní Polis (Parallel Polis), a Bitcoin kavárna (coffee house). I was slightly pessimistic about it because a place that only takes Bitcoin. Really? The idea of coffee and chocolate cake got me over my slight pessimism.  So on a Saturday, when we both had a little time, we went on another Prague adventure. It’s always an adventure going somewhere new in Prague. Actually I’d past this unique coffee joint several times and never knew it. It’s kind of unassuming from the outside. Fairly modern in a less than modern section of Prague. It doesn’t scream at you from across the street either. Like some other coffee places with green and white signs.

We walk in and it’s a nice space. Open and welcoming but not like your average place. There’s no counter. No apron-ed barista smiling, greeting and waiting dutifully at a register. So far so good. I like different. There’s a menu on the post. There’s cakes on display in a small fridge. There’s a large island with an espresso machine, cups, plates, and other things. A young woman comes up to help us and we ask if she speaks English. She does. Good because we don’t speak a lot of Czech and what we do know won’t get us through a conversation easily. She asks if we have a Bitcoin wallet. We do. And we’re in business.

We order coffee drinks and a piece of chocolate coconut cake to share. We take a seat and enjoy the surroundings. At the time they weren’t busy but they definitely could be. I find the Wi-Fi password and take some pictures. Our drinks arrive but we have to wait a few extra minutes for the cake. Since we’ve come in a few other people have come in after us. to order and get their coffee. Two young ladies that are in a hurry don’t stay because this isn’t the sort of place you run into to grab quick coffee. Another person is being walked through the Bitcoin purchase on the machine in the corner. You don’t have Bitcoin, no worries, you can purchase some on the spot.

Our cake arrives a few minutes later. I really wish I’d taken a picture. It was delicious. I ate the coconut bits while hubby stuck to more of the chocolate and cookie like crust. The drinks were yummy. Hubby is still getting used to coffee. He likes filter coffee more than espresso but he really enjoyed the cake.

So this is a place we’ll  come back to. It’s a bit far from our flat but another day another adventure in Prague.

Try it out and tell me what you think.

Mexican in Prague? Sí, Señor.

Is there great Mexican food in Prague? Sí, señor. I promise. One of the things the family misses most, besides family, about Colorado is Chipotle. Currently there aren’t any Chipotles in the Czech Republic but there are some in Europe. Germany, England and France reportedly have some. We may never leave if Chipotle comes to Prague. Until then there is a fabulous restaurant in Prague called Las Adelitas. Actually, there are three Las Adelitas in Prague. Oh. So. Yum.
We’ve tried a few other “Mexican” places but this place nails it. The others not so much. One the reasons, I think, is because Czechs are not acclimated to real well seasoned Mexican food. Layers of subtle yet strong flavors that differ in spiciness. The biggest mistake is not flavoring the meat. Ever have a chicken burrito with plain chicken. No bueno.
Back to Las Adelitas. This place was recommended by two of my Czech colleagues. I know I said that Czechs don’t know their Mexican but these two gentlemen do. Or at least convinced me that they knew what they were talking about when making the recommendation. So one sunny afternoon my hubby and I decided to take a chance. We had been jonesing for good Mexican food. And they delivered.
We started with beer, of course. It was Czech beer but it’s cheaper than imported Mexican beer. Hubby ordered a burrito tinga and I ordered tacos al pastor. So yum. Absolutely. I’m speaking about my meal but hubby insists that his was amazing as well.

Layers of texture and flavor. Spice, sweet, crunchy, fresh. Oh. So. Yum.

Awesome sidenote. They have three locations with three different daily specials. (Their daily specials are a great deal.)

One location:
Americká 684/8, 120 00 Praha 2

Second location:
Lucemburská 6, 130 00 Praha 3

Third location:
Malé nám. 457/13, 110 00 Praha-Staré Město

We’ve been to Lucemburská and Male Náměsti but looking forward to trying out the Americká location. Also have a ladies night and tequila night at Malé Náměsti. Looking forward to that as well.

This is one of the daily specials. So good and so affordable.

Go and try it. Order tacos al pastor.
Las Adelitas Prague


Chocolate Coffee Heaven

So you might think that I would’ve found Chocolate Coffee heaven in Costa Rica. After all, that is where the grow some of the best coffee and chocolate. And they do have some awesome coffee and organic chocolate (if you can find it, since most of it seems to be exported.) Alas, I had to wait until I was in central Europe not central America to find chocolate coffee heaven. It is located in a wonderful little place called Choco Cafe U Cervene Zidle (Choco Cafe at the Red Chair, Liliova 4/250, Prague, Czech Republic).
When I first arrived in Prague a friend of mine from the states informed me she had a friend in Prague that she wanted to introduce me to. This friend is who I refer to in other posts as my favorite transplanted Texan (FTT). She has been in the Czech Republic on and off for about 12 years. After introducing ourselves on line we met in person a few weeks later. (Hubby and I were trying to find a flat, get adjusted to lower fall (not Costa Rica) temperatures, interview for jobs, etc) FTT and I planned on meeting at this pleasant little cafe. It was an adventure for me because I was still getting used to transit in Prague and I hadn’t done a lot of it on my own. I was being a wimp and going with hubby everywhere. This time I met with FTT near a tram stop and took a short walk to the cafe.

She had told me about Choco Cafe briefly and I was fairly excited to: 1. Have some chocolate (I was in dire need of chocolate at the time) 2. Have some coffee or cappuccino or even a straight I.V. of caffeine. 3. Have some girl time. I had been spending a lot of time with my boys and need less testosterone. As we walked a few blocks we talked a little but mostly I was getting to know my surroundings. She explained a few things and one thing I found most interesting was Bethlehem chapel. Jan Hus’ old stomping grounds.

Down the street and around the corner lies a sweet little cafe attached to the U Cervene Zidle Hotel (Red Chair Hotel). We had not made a reservation but lucked out because it was the middle of the afternoon. It still had plenty of patrons. Mothers with small children, couples, students, and ladies like us looking for some chocolate indulgence. Now you could get a regular cappuccino and quiche or you can go crazy.

I went crazy I ordered the Choco Cafe (chocolate coffee) and the Cokoladovy (chocolate cake). My friend FTT ordered the Choco Cafe and 2 makronky (macaroons). The macaroons are delicious looking. But I needed chocolate fix. And I so got one.

Although I loved this place I didn’t think my husband would be into it. One day, a couple weeks later, I wanted to show him both the cafe and the chapel. So I brought him here because I knew he’d like the choco cafe. He ordered a panini and I got the quiche. Absolutely to die for. You should go here any day of the week, reservations are needed for the busy times. All the popular places take reservations. And whether you need a chocolate caffeine fix or you just want to hang in a pleasant atmosphere with a friend or hubby and enjoy the moment, this is the place.

By the way, they sell chocolate too. Lovely bars of chocolate. Dark, lavender, milk. Fancy. Less fancy.
Choco Cafe