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Best Burger In Prague, so far

The Tavern ,Chopinova 26, Prague 2, which is located in Žižkov neighborhood, is home to the best burger in Prague. I was informed about this little gem by my favorite transplanted Texan and a Czech colleague of mine. If Americans and Czechs agree, it’s must go and try this. And by little gem I mean little. Most places in Prague seem rather small from the first look but once you go inside it’s almost always bigger on the inside, just like the Tardis. The exception is this place. So if you plan to go get the best burger in Prague you need to make a reservation. It’s what you do for all the good restaurants at the best and busiest of times.

For The Tavern, it’s best to call and reserve a spot or use their website reservation system for Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. It fills up really fast. The Czech owner speaks English very well and this should make it all the easier to call. I hate calling places in the US but I’d do it for this place. Usually, I use my reservation app on my phone. Technology is awesome.

We knew that you needed a reservation but we’re unable to get one on the day we really wanted to try this place out. Our fix was to come at lunchtime instead of later. It was gloriously empty when we arrived but that was because they had just opened. Perfect for us though.

I had had a hankering for chili cheese fries. Ladies, you know what I mean, I NEEDED some chili cheese fries. This place has them. Chili-cheese Ranch Fries. So good. Also need to try the Loaded Pulled Pork Cheddar Fries but that will be another day. Hubby got the Classic Bacon-Cheddar burger. Also had a couple of beers. It was the best burger my hubby had in months since we left the States. I waited until the next time for my burger revelation.

The second time we went, about a week later, I got the Blue Smoke burger. Oh. My. Yum. It was so good. This was the burger my colleague recommended. Hubby got the same burger as last time. What can I say, when he finds something he likes he stays with it. In addition, we shared a basket of fries and had some beer as well.

Note: We have beer a lot but this is the cultural norm in the Czech Republic. Most people have a beer with lunch and it’s usually cheaper than a soda. Additionally the beer is lower in alcohol than some it’s US counterparts. Although two half liters will make not want to back to work. At least for me.
The Taverns website

It’s Five O’clock In Sámara

Whether you’re in Sámara on vacation or business or just passing through you might need a cold beverage about five o’clock. We didn’t go everywhere in Sámara but we explored most of it. Here are our favorite five or so places to celebrate happy hour in Sámara.

1. Lo Que Hay: This is a great place to hang out and people watch while having a beer and a taco on the beach. Happy hour here is very laid back but it’s right on the beach. I ordered a Michelada and pork taco. Kurt ordered a Pilsen and a pork taco. These were on special and they were so good. Michelada is a beer served with a glass that is salt rimmed, with lime juice and ice. Very refreshing. Especially when you’re hot and slightly coated with salt air and sand. Hang out on the beach under an umbrella. If it begins to rain just dash into the bar area for cover. The beach is amazing in the sunshine and the rain. It’s awesome to have a beach bar with great tacos and cold beer.

2. Microbar: This is a new hot spot  in Sámara. It opened while we were there for the month. It’s probably the only place you can get a tap beer. Also the only place that has at least a dozen microbrews from Costa Rica. They are still ironing out some of the details but i hear they are working on getting food in this tiny establishment.
Yes, tiny. Right next Natural Center. It’s maybe eight seats and a little standing room and taps, that’s it. But it’s awesome beer and its run by awesome people.

3. Bar Arriba: This is a sports bar. You  can grab a bucket of ice cold beer and watch the soccer match. If you do it during happy hour all the better. They have something for everyone. Except maybe wine. I didn’t see wine on the menu but I could be mistaken.
Sometimes service can be slow. But remember you’re in Costa Rica and Pura Vida man, Pura Vida. If you need another beer you’ll have to flag down a waiter or go to the bar. If you need to pay your bill just go to the bar. No big deal. Pura Vida.

4. Vela Latina: This place is a beach bar. Which means you can grab a lounge chair and enjoy a cold beverage right on the beach. Vela is an awesome place to head to to watch the sunset. Since Playa Samara faces south you won’t be seeing the the sunset over the water. If you venture toward the water an look to the right you’ll see it. Sunsets over the jungle are pretty cool. My favorite things to order here are a mojitos and Kurt enjoys the margaritas. We’ve both had ice cold Pilsens as well. Sometimes a very cold local beer is what you need after the beach. The cerviche is fabulous.
5. Coco’s Mexican Restaurant: If you’re in need of some Mexican fare on your vacation, this is the place. We went here a couple of times after class which was also after happy hour and enjoyed it. If you come for happy hour though you can get a monster margarita for a good price. A couple of those ans some nachos or pantacones you might skip dinner all together. As with most Sámara restaurants they are open air. Open air means open bugs. Do as we did and just carry bug spray with you. Especially at twilight and on the beach at night.
In addition to beer and margaritas they have shots of tequila. Fun to do with a group of friends after surviving another  week of classes. Don’t get me wrong, loved the classes, just needed to relax. Coco’s is great place to do that.

I couldn’t decide on just five so here’s an extra one.

6. Flying Taco: This fun corner of Sámara is not on the beach but has a cool laid back vibe and some gorgeous fruit trees to hang out under. Bring your bug spray because it’s the Costa Rican jungle and the bugs get hungry at sunset. They have live music occasionally and open Mic night on Wednesdays. Great tacos and ice cold beer. They might serve something besides ice cold Pilsens and Imperials but we never tried them.

Do you agree with our choices? Do you have another suggestion? Comment below and thanks.