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Walking in Flip Flops


If you move to Costa Rica be sure to bring your flip flops. Maybe two or three pairs. Everyone at the beach town Sámara seems to be tanned, toned, and flip flop wearers. This will prove to the average newSunburncomer as a daunting fact. As a pale, jiggly, flip flop wearing Coloradoan I had some work to do. As they say in Costa Rica just wait it’ll happen. Pounds will melt off either by the heat or by exercise or a combination of both. We been here about two weeks and its starting to work. Walking everywhere, eating less and more healthily change happens. Plus a few days on the beach and you won’t be pale anymore either. Please wear sunscreen because the sun is intense this close to the equator. And even if you’re  a teenager listen to your mother and wear sunscreen. Now back to flip flops. These are an absolute must at the beach. You should get the non fabric kind Samara Rainbowbecause they will get wet and then they stretch out and you’ll have a whole new problem. Walking in flip flops can be messy business. It rains here between May and November. It rains a lot. You will be soaked from a short walk home. You’ll be glad you have flip flops because they a easy to remove when you’re soaked and muddy up to your hips. I had some older super heinous looking flip flops to wear for the month I was here at the beach. They didn’t make the month. I did all I could to make them last through muddy trips to and fro until about three days ago they went kaput. No amount of MacGyvering would keep those footwear functional. I ended up giving them a proper burial. It wasn’t sad at all. So here’s my advice bring two or three pairs of flip flops. They will get messed up in the rainy season in Costa Rica so be prepared. And wear sunscreen.