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Mexican in Prague? Sí, Señor.

Is there great Mexican food in Prague? Sí, señor. I promise. One of the things the family misses most, besides family, about Colorado is Chipotle. Currently there aren’t any Chipotles in the Czech Republic but there are some in Europe. Germany, England and France reportedly have some. We may never leave if Chipotle comes to Prague. Until then there is a fabulous restaurant in Prague called Las Adelitas. Actually, there are three Las Adelitas in Prague. Oh. So. Yum.
We’ve tried a few other “Mexican” places but this place nails it. The others not so much. One the reasons, I think, is because Czechs are not acclimated to real well seasoned Mexican food. Layers of subtle yet strong flavors that differ in spiciness. The biggest mistake is not flavoring the meat. Ever have a chicken burrito with plain chicken. No bueno.
Back to Las Adelitas. This place was recommended by two of my Czech colleagues. I know I said that Czechs don’t know their Mexican but these two gentlemen do. Or at least convinced me that they knew what they were talking about when making the recommendation. So one sunny afternoon my hubby and I decided to take a chance. We had been jonesing for good Mexican food. And they delivered.
We started with beer, of course. It was Czech beer but it’s cheaper than imported Mexican beer. Hubby ordered a burrito tinga and I ordered tacos al pastor. So yum. Absolutely. I’m speaking about my meal but hubby insists that his was amazing as well.

Layers of texture and flavor. Spice, sweet, crunchy, fresh. Oh. So. Yum.

Awesome sidenote. They have three locations with three different daily specials. (Their daily specials are a great deal.)

One location:
Americká 684/8, 120 00 Praha 2

Second location:
Lucemburská 6, 130 00 Praha 3

Third location:
Malé nám. 457/13, 110 00 Praha-Staré Město

We’ve been to Lucemburská and Male Náměsti but looking forward to trying out the Americká location. Also have a ladies night and tequila night at Malé Náměsti. Looking forward to that as well.

This is one of the daily specials. So good and so affordable.

Go and try it. Order tacos al pastor.
Las Adelitas Prague