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My Favorite Restaurants In Sámara (or Where You Should Eat)

We were in Sámara for a mere month. Our goal was to attend TEFL school to get certified to teach English.  It was an intensive four week course and we passed with flying colors. In our down time on weekends or occasional evenings we would often find ourselves, sometimes with kids and sometimes with new friends, at one of many restaurants in this quaint but quirky little town. Here are my favorite restaurants in Sámara.

1. Bar Arriba: This fun restaurant has the best french fries in Sámara. My kids also enjoyed the chicken strips as well. Although they are family oriented during lunch and dinner it is a fun place to hang out watch a soccer match and have a beer or four. They have a ladies night on Tuesday and often have live music or a DJ to keep it lively. Most of the drinking crowd starts after nine so bringing the kids here for dinner isn’t too chaotic.  The hamburger is the best in town. (Some say the veggie burger at Luv Burger rules but I’m saying as far as beef burgers go, this is the place.) You can find them on FB at Bar Arriba.

2. Falafel Cafe: This was my go to for fast and fresh lunch. In Costa Rica a fast lunch isn’t always possible which is good when you’re on vacation but not when you’ve got a designated hour for lunch. Falafeño or the Tabbouleh plate are excellent choices. Hubby got tired of going here too many times in a row but admitted to it being an awesome little place to get a quick bite. It’s also fairly cheap and filling for this tourist town. You can locate them in the Nature Center part of town. You can find them on FB at Falafel Cafe.

3. Coco’s Mexican: This is a great little place to celebrate with family and friends. They serve typical Mexican fair which, being from Colorado, we crave from time to time. They also serve large margaritas during happy hour. When we finished class at Costa Rica TEFL this was where we went to get our relaxation on. They have happy hour specials like everyone else in town but they have Mexican food and tequila which was a major selling point for the hubby and myself. Kurt really enjoyed the Chimichanga and the Chicken Nachos were excellent. As with all outdoor restaurants in Costa Rica bring some bug spray to keep the bugs away. You can find them on FB at Coco’s Mexican Restaurant.

4. Sub Express: This was my kids and hubby’s second most favorite place to eat lunch. They have sub sandwiches and the boys favorite was the Italian sub. Very good and filling sandwiches and wraps. I enjoyed a few of their wraps and was never disappointed. You can also get some lunch meat and cheese to go. It’s pricey because it’s imported from the States but it’s good and worth when trying to feed two teenage boys. You can find them on FB at SubExpress

5. Restaurante Makizu Sámara: We really enjoyed our time here with friends. Kurt and I usually don’t have sushi but our friends do. Kurt had never tried sushi before coming to this place. He tried it and liked it. He ordered the Chicken Adobo and thought it was super amazing . I had Philadelphia rolls and a few bites of the sushi platter in trade for my large serving of Philly rolls. The rest of the table ordered a large sushi platter which was pretty to look at and tasted fabulous. Everyone truly enjoyed their experience. You can find this great restaurant on FB at Makizu Samara.

Honorable mention: Vela Latina, Lo Que Hay, Flying Taco, Pizzeria Paraiso. I’ll cover these restaurants and maybe more in a later post.

Walking in Flip Flops


If you move to Costa Rica be sure to bring your flip flops. Maybe two or three pairs. Everyone at the beach town Sámara seems to be tanned, toned, and flip flop wearers. This will prove to the average newSunburncomer as a daunting fact. As a pale, jiggly, flip flop wearing Coloradoan I had some work to do. As they say in Costa Rica just wait it’ll happen. Pounds will melt off either by the heat or by exercise or a combination of both. We been here about two weeks and its starting to work. Walking everywhere, eating less and more healthily change happens. Plus a few days on the beach and you won’t be pale anymore either. Please wear sunscreen because the sun is intense this close to the equator. And even if you’re  a teenager listen to your mother and wear sunscreen. Now back to flip flops. These are an absolute must at the beach. You should get the non fabric kind Samara Rainbowbecause they will get wet and then they stretch out and you’ll have a whole new problem. Walking in flip flops can be messy business. It rains here between May and November. It rains a lot. You will be soaked from a short walk home. You’ll be glad you have flip flops because they a easy to remove when you’re soaked and muddy up to your hips. I had some older super heinous looking flip flops to wear for the month I was here at the beach. They didn’t make the month. I did all I could to make them last through muddy trips to and fro until about three days ago they went kaput. No amount of MacGyvering would keep those footwear functional. I ended up giving them a proper burial. It wasn’t sad at all. So here’s my advice bring two or three pairs of flip flops. They will get messed up in the rainy season in Costa Rica so be prepared. And wear sunscreen.