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Prague Zoo, 4th Best in the World

We went to the zoo. And half of Prague went with us.

So we successfully managed to get ourselves and our two boys out of the house and disconnected from the internet for five whole hours on Saturday. We’re still working on actually leaving Prague to check out the rest of the country. Soon, very soon. I just keep repeating that to myself. It’s kind of my mantra. Soon, very soon.

Back to Saturday, We waited until after lunch so we wouldn’t have to buy lunch while we were out. It’s takes about an hour to get there by tram and one short bus ride. We had planned on about two to two and half hours walking around. We got there, got our tickets, and started our journey.

It was crowded but not too insane.
Our first stop the Indonesian habitat. Hot and humid just like Indonesia. Spiders, monitors, fish, monkeys, and bats. Free flying fruit bats. That was cool. My Batman (oldest son) wasn’t terribly excited but he held it together.
The zoo is huge. And on a hill. Wear comfortable shoes. Lots of good walking at the zoo.

Next stop we headed up hill. We hadn’t purchased or downloaded a map and were winging it. I suggest downloading or purchasing a map. It’ll help those that are directional-ly challenged like me.
We found hippos, giraffes, and elephants. Oh my.

Soon, hunger was getting the best of the boys. We decided to stop for a snack. The best 290 crowns spent all day. We bought three hotdogs and three strawberry slushies. The boys were back. Better attitudes all around. We started again and about 45 more minutes latet we were done. And soon found our way out of the zoo.

We’ll have to go back to see the rest. I hear going during the week is pleasant and less crowded.

Things to remember when visiting the zoo.
1. Comfortable shoes.
2. Sunscreen.
3. Money for snacks, drinks, or even beer.
4. Time. You probably won’t see it all in one visit. Plan ahead or go more than once.
5. There’s a ferry that’ll take you to the zoo. Going to try that next time.
6. There’s an overhead lift that crosses the park. Trying that as well.
7. Download or purchase a map. Or wing it like we did if you’re looking for adventure. Ha.

Prague Zoo was the first zoological park outside of the U.S. that we’ve visited. The animals seemed to have plenty of space and it’s a gorgeous park from what we saw of it.