Writing about Food

When I grow up I want to travel and write about food and travel. Now I’m in Prague (and I’ve been grown up for a while now)

I’m doing what I love, travelling and writing about food and travel.

I am one of those annoying people who takes pictures of food. Not all the time, but on occasion and especially when I’m reviewing a place. Unfortunately, I get so excited about eating something that I forget to take a picture. Then it’s delicious and I wish I’d taken that picture. So I have to return and take a picture so my posts are more colorful. Speaking of colorful, I love pictures of food, watching cooking shows and shiny colorful cookbooks.

I have always loved cookbooks, cooking shows, and cooking. But I really love is when other people cook for me and love talking about food and restaurants. Back in the States I loved reviewing restaurants. Some of my favorites were little places that Guy Fieri introduced (by way of the television) me and with family or friends went to check out for ourselves. Check out Highland Tap and Burger in Denver or Dish in Charlotte North Carolina. I not only have a list of countries and places I want to visit and experience I have a list of restaurant. I started adding places when I watched Triple D and the Travel Channel. Then I research places I am going to and food that is available. This led me to create an account on Trip Advisor and add my two cents about places I liked. Generally, I don’t say anything about places I’m not impressed by. I’m of the school if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. I probably won’t make it a restaurant reviewer because of this. I like recommending places that I had a great time at and telling you what I had that made it so enjoyable. If I don’t like the food or the experience I just don’t go back. And I don’t recommend it and I am all about recommending places to eat. Ask anyone I spend more than five minutes with. And I always want to hear about their favorite places.

People who don’t enjoy food? They are alien to me. How can you not enjoy the thing that brings people together. The thing that shows creativity and generally how most show love. Food is nourishment but it is so much more to our culture.

Feel free to tell me what you love, where you love to go, and where you’d go if you where me. Comment below.