About me

Hi, friends!

I’m Jane, an expat living in the Italian countryside.

Four years ago, I spent a semester in Italy and once and forever fell in love with this gorgeous country.

I traveled across Italy, tried different variations of pizza and pasta, and ate all possible flavors of gelato. I saw the endless hills of Tuscany and Sicily, visited the most touristic places like Cinque Terre, and got lost in lovely little towns that nobody had ever heard of.

When I came back to my homeland, I couldn’t stop thinking about my experiences. It was so beautiful that it sometimes seemed unreal. So, I decided to move where my heart was. To Italy ❤️

I know that many people are passionate about Italy and if you’re one of them, this blog is for you! Here I’ll share with you everything I love about this country. And hopefully, it will inspire you to visit it too.

So, let’s chase Italy together!

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